Stop Judging Others

There is a reason the bible tells us in Matthew 7:3 not to worry about the spec in someone else’s eye when you have a log in your own eye. We are all sinners. There was only one perfect person to ever walk this earth and that was Jesus Christ. In God’s eye’s all of our sins are equal. We need to start building each other up instead of tearing each other down. There are enough things that come against us without having to tear each other down. Just be nice! Why does that seem so hard to do these days? The world needs more kindness and less judging. Accept that we are all flawed and focus on the good things a person has to offer and help bring out more of that then judging other people for their mistakes. We each make plenty of our own. You may sin differently than me, but we are all sinners. We are no one to judge someone else. No one has that right! Be kind!!